Sunday, 5 July 2015

Slimming World Sunday - My Favourite Low Syn Snacks

I'd say around 90% of the time the main meals that I eat are completely syn free, so a lot of my daily syns get spent on snacks. When I first started Slimming World, I was worried that I'd have to cut out my favourite chocolate and crisps. Whilst I don't eat them to the extent I used to (I could demolish three packs of Walkers chicken crisps in one go!), I've found ways of getting my fix without overdoing the syn intake. Here are some of my favourite ways to spend my syns.

Popcorn This is where I normally get my savoury fix from. Mini packs like this one from Sainsburys are just as satisfying as a small bag of crisps, but the syns are much lower, The pieces are a lot smaller than crisps too, so if I eat them one by one, rather than shoving a handful in my mouth in one go, they can last quite long too. 2.5 syns

Quark & Options When I first tried Quark, I ate it with just a bowl of fruit, and wasn't very impressed by it. A tip I got from my new Slimming World group was to mix a sachet of Options hot chocolate into it, and it will taste similar to a chocolate mousse. Whilst the texture is definitely different, it still tastes good and is really satisfying too. I love dipping strawberries into it. 2 syns

Alpen Light Bars Two Alpen Light bars count as a Healthy Extra B on Slimming World. Quite often though, I'll use my healthy extra on bread or cereal, but I still like to have just one bar a day as a snack and syn it instead. There's so many flavours to choose from - my favourites are the chocolate & fudge and the new Jaffa Cake ones (yum!). They're a really satisfying snack and quite often I'll have one with my cup of tea in the evening. 3 syns

Mikado These chocolate biscuit sticks are delicious, and a much more low syn option than a small chocolate bar. Because they come in one box rather than individually wrapped, it can be very tempting to go overboard and eat the entire lot, completely blowing your syns allowance! What I like to do to avoid this is to take however many I want (usually I'll have 6 or 8) out of the box, put them on a small plate, put the box back in the cupboard and eat in another room. That way, it's more of an effort to reach for more of them, and I find that I'm happy with the amount I've already given myself. 0.5 syns each

Mini Ice Lollies I didn't photograph these as I didn't want to take them out of the freezer in the heat! Walls do mini versions of some of their ice lollies, which I really good for a quick snack on a hot day. My favourites are the mini Twisters (2 syns) but I also love the Mini Milks (1.5 syns) and mini Calippos (4 syns).

What's your favourite low syn/calorie snack?


  1. I am the same as you and use my syns on snacks, I use all of the above but also like the Fredos for 5.5 syns and also the meringue nests for 2.5 :) Love slimming world!

    1. I love Freddos too, I'm too addicted to Cadburys chocolate though so I'd be tempted to have more than one haha! x

  2. i snack too much hence my issue !!! but great post and i need to try those popcorn :)

    1. Thank you! They do a multipack too with other flavours - can't remember off the top of my head but one was sour cream & chive x