Friday, 10 July 2015

Baby Girl Haul

Before anyone gets carried away, I'm not pregnant - this stuff is for my sister!! She told me she was pregnant right at the very early stages, and it's been a long, torturous wait to find out if I will be having a little niece or a nephew. Last Saturday, my sister went for her 16 week scan and discovered she was having a baby girl! This didn't come as much of a surprise to anyone in our family, as all anyone ever has on my mum's side is girls (seriously!), but it was the confirmation we needed to go out and start buying some clothes - quite handy then that the scan came two days before my big birthday shop!

After being a little underwhelmed by Primark's baby section (or maybe it's just because the store was in such a mess you couldn't look at anything properly!), we headed to Mothercare. They have so much cute stuff in at the moment, we really did have to resist spending an absolute fortune. My maiden name is Sheepy, so when I saw these cute little sheep slippers for just £7 I had to pick them up. They rattle too - I wonder how long it will be before that gets annoying! As the baby is due in December, I thought she could do with some long sleepsuits, and found this pack of two for £9. The flowery design on one of them is a little summery for a winter baby, but they will be fine for wear around the house! Plus, we were keeping with the instructions of "not too much pink"! I can't wait for the autumn/winter stuff to come out so we can buy more newborn clothes!

As there was so many cute summer outfits around, we couldn't resist picking something up to plan ahead for when she's six months old. These two cat t-shirts are so pretty and really reasonably priced at £3 each. I really loved the frilly detail around the pockets on the shorts, and thought they would go quite well with either t-shirt too, so we picked them up for just £6. There were so many lovely dresses too, but all of the best ones seemed to be out of the 6-9 months size which was a little annoying, but a great excuse to go back another time!

Are any of you buying for a new arrival at the moment?

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