Friday, 3 July 2015

My Favourite Tanning Product

I'm not a big fan of fake tan. I'm not very patient, so standing around waiting for the product to dry just for a bit of colour really doesn't appeal to me. Plus, I'm quite pale skinned, so quite often fake tan can look out of place on me and like I've just overdone it on the sunbed! I have, however, found a product that gives me just a subtle hint of a tan, and doesn't take forever to dry, and it's been my go to for years.

Dove Summer Glow is a gradual tanner rather than one of those slap on and glow fake tanners which I just don't get on with. I just massage it onto my skin, like I would a normal body moisturiser, and a while later I'm left with a subtle hint of colour, plus my skin feels nourished too.

As with any fake tan, you do have to make sure you have properly exfoliated before applying, or it's going to look patchy in any areas of dry skin, but so long as you're nice and smooth beforehand, this applies nice and streak free. The lotion sinks into the skin nice and quickly so you're not waiting around forever before you can do anything - I usually wait around five minutes before I get dressed.

It's a buildable colour, so it works best if you apply every day whilst you want that tanned look. I usually find that by day three I've reached by desired level of tanned-ness (is that a word?!) and then just top it up every few days once I feel like the colour's beginning to fade a little.

I love this product and doubt I'll ever used anything else to tan with. It's really quick and convenient to apply, plus the buildable colour means I don't risk looking like I've gone OTT. It's really affordable too - it usually retails are around £5 for a 250ml bottle, which lasts me quite a long time, but is currently on offer here for less than £3!

What's your favourite tanning product? Are you more of a fan of gradual tanners or instant fake tans?

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