Monday, 16 May 2016

Barry M Mani Mask

If you read my recent post you'll know that I am a huge fan of Barry M nail polishes. When they released their recent nail care range, I was really intrigued by the Mani Masks. They are formulated to condition and strengthen weak nails whilst adding a hint of colour, and have be labelled as a "tinted moisturiser for the nails". Sounds strange, but having pretty weak nails myself I was interested to see how this would work.

Application is really easy as I've come to expect from Barry M. The brush is quite big, so a couple of strokes to each nail and one coat has been applied. You'll probably want to apply two coats of the Mask to get a more opaque finish. The drying time between each coat is surprisingly really quick, I'd say just as quick as the Speedy Quick Dry polishes from the Barry M range. The polish dries down to a semi matte finish, which I think looks really sophisticated, and the sheer hint of colour gives that barely there look, perfect for those days when you want your nails to look "done", but not with an obvious wash of colour.

The shade I opted for was Bashful, a really pretty pale baby pink, which looks really cute on the nails. It's the type of colour I think you could actually use if you wanted to do a bit of a French manicure. The polish lasts quite well, though I did find it was prone to chipping maybe a day or so quicker than other Barry M polishes I have.

In terms of the effects it's had on my nails, I can't say as I've seen a noticeable difference to their condition, though they do definitely feel stronger after a couple of uses of the polish. They are a lot less prone to breakage, which is great. At £3.99 each , they are worth it just for the pretty soft matte effect alone, but if your nails aren't in the best state I'd definitely recommend checking them out. I'm tempted to pick up the other shade, Birthday Suit, which is a nice creamy nude.

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