Sunday, 15 May 2016

Slimming World Sunday - Free Body Magic

Whilst I think that the key to successful weight loss primarily lies with the food you are eating, getting in a decent amount of exercise also helps to give it that boost, and builds towards living a healthier lifestyle. When I first joined Slimming World, I also signed up to my local gym. It wasn't the most expensive membership in the world, but with a wedding to save up for and other more important commitments to pay for, it wasn't the best use of my money. I also found that I wasn't really getting my monies worth, particularly in the winter months when motivation to get up and go was at a low, so I soon found myself cancelling my membership. Since then I've found much more purse friendly ways to get a bit of body magic into my routine.

I was always encouraged when I was younger to get outside on a beautiful day, and now I can understand why. Getting a bit of fresh air and going for a brisk walk is great for your mood as well as your fitness. Since moving back to Kenilworth especially, I really enjoy going on a little wander around. If you find that it's something you enjoy doing regularly, you could get yourself a pedometer to track your steps, and set yourself little challenges.

YouTube Workouts
There's so many workout videos on YouTube that are completely free to access. You can add your favourites to a playlist and come back to them time again. There's so much variety, you'll never get bored, and it's not costly like buying a tonne of workout DVDs (I'm guilty of this!) or paying for classes. A couple of my personal favourite channels are Blogilates and Lucy Wyndham-Read.

Not exactly the most exciting ways of getting in exercise, but believe it or not doing a bit of vigorous housework actually counts towards your body magic! So push yourself that little bit harder next time you're doing the ironing, hoovering, etc. With spring cleaning season in full swing, now could be a great opportunity to get in a little exercise and make the house look fresher at the same time!

Garden Circuits
Obviously this could be done in the house as well as the garden, but if it's a nice day why not?! You're probably going to get a bit more space to move around outside too. Set up little circuit stations for different exercise moves. There's plenty of workout circuits on the web that you could pick from to imitate, or you could make up your own. You could use household items as equipment, such as bottles or cans for weights, and if you have kids with hula hoops and jump ropes use them too! You could even invite workout buddies round to do the circuits together - like your own gym class but completely free.

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