Monday, 9 May 2016

Seventeen Skin Wow Concealer

For God knows how many years now I've been using the same old concealer duo on my face. I'd occasionally dabble in something different for a few days but then they will just get shoved to the back of the drawer and I'd be back to my same old routine. I was in Boots, about to restock on my usual Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer, when I spotted this in the "new in" part of the Seventeen makeup stand. I'd not really heard anything about it, but instantly the words "Touche Eclat dupe" sprang to mind. I've never tried the YSL product myself, despite wanting to, but I decided to give this cheaper alternative a go.

This cute little gold pen has a clicker on the end, which you pressto dispense the product onto the brush. You only need a couple of clicks to get enough product, but it's easy to be a bit over zealous and end up with way too much product for your needs. This has happened to me a couple of times and it is quite annoying!

So far I've only used this for my under eyes and nose, but you could use it to highlight any of the high points of your face. I just brush a little bit under each eye, and down the centre of my nose, and then blend out with my Real Techniques concealer brush. I've found it blends out really well, leaves a really nice even finish and doesn't sit in any dry patches throughout the day, which some base products tend to do with my skin.

The result under my eyes is absolutely incredible. It conceals my under eye bags really well, no matter how dark they are, and leaves to eyes looking much brighter and more awake. It's got a really great wear time too, so the effect lasts all day.

I've been so impressed with this product, I'm so glad I decided to step away from the norm for once and try a new concealer. Sorry Rimmel, but I won't be going back to the Wake Me Up any time soon! At just £4.99, I'd really recommend this if you've ever wanted to try the YSL Touche Eclat, or you love it but would like a cheaper alternative.


  1. I'm the same i always have tended to stick to one concealer! This sounds impressive and more expensive than £4.99! Must have a look at this next time i'm in Boots.


    1. Haha I wonder why we get into that habit with concealers?! It's never the same with any other product! I'd definitely recommend giving this a go, I love it xx