Sunday, 1 May 2016

Slimming World Sunday - 10 Weeks At Target

I'm back!! I considered writing a whole rambly post about why I've been away etc, but I wasn't sure how interesting you'd actually find it, so I decided as it was a Sunday just to crack straight back on with my Slimming World Sunday posts. Whilst I've been away though, I've been putting together a big list of blog post ideas, and to put it to good use I've decided to blog every day during the month of May, so if you're following me, expect to see a new post pop up on your Bloglovin feed every morning at 8am!

This Thursday marked 10 weeks since I reached my target weight at Slimming World, and I thought I'd share with you how this new part of my journey has gone so far.

If I said to you it had been easy, I'd be lying. In fact, I'd say it's just as hard as losing the weight itself. The first few weeks were great, I started playing around with how many treats I could "get away with" throughout the week without piling on the pounds again, and come weigh in I had maintained for the first two weeks - even losing weight in the third!

Things took a bit of a sour turn at Easter though. All of the chocolate on offer, coupled with the fact that it was my husbands birthday, meant that I'd pushed the limits way too far, and I went to group facing a 4.5lb gain - I was mortified. Even though I managed to get straight back into target range the following week, it had really dented my confidence. Introducing more treats into my daily diet had really given me a taste for naughty foods again too...

I know the "proper" way to maintain your weight loss on Slimming World is to have more Healthy Extras each day, but to be honest I really struggle with having them, and can often go an entire day without a single A or B choice, so to try and add even more into my diet was going to be difficult. Since my Easter slip up, I've been playing around with additional syns again, with some weeks being more successful than others, and I think I've found my solution going forward.

Looking back at my journey from when I was still trying to lose weight, I remembered that weeks where I'd had just one day off plan would often result in a maintain, sometimes a small loss if I was lucky, so this could be my solution, and I've seen others who use the same method and it works for them. So, I will be off plan one day a week (let's face it, that's probably going to end up being a Saturday most weeks) and then 100% on plan for six days a week. This doesn't mean I will have a complete blow out and eat until I feel sick, I'm just going to be a bit more flexible with my syns that day.

In terms of group support, I think this might also be contributing to my struggle recently. Target members don't seem to get that same support during Image Therapy - in my group at least - so motivation to attend group at all has been lacking somewhat over recent weeks. I haven't been to a couple of sessions, but from what my own scales tell me, I'm still in target range. I know that if I carry on skipping group though, the temptation to "cheat" will get to me eventually, as this is what happened to me during my first Slimming World journey, so I'm determined to get my butt back to group next Thursday, and make sure I carry on going at least every other week, to make sure I don't go out of control.

So, I've found it's really true what they say - getting to target is by no means the end of your journey. I've learned so much in the last 10 weeks about what it takes to successfully maintain your weight, but hopefully now I've found the right balance and what works for my lifestyle. I certainly don't want to end up back at square one again! I said back in February that the only time I want to gain a significant amount of weight again was if I had a baby, and I intend to keep it that way! I love my new wardrobe too much to have to give it up!!

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