Tuesday, 17 May 2016

My Happy List

A few days ago I talked about the steps I've taken to becoming a more positive person, one of those being to think of those things in life that I'm truly grateful for. Since I started doing this, I've put together a "happy list" on my phone that I look back on when I'm having a bit of an off day, just to remind myself of all of those little pleasures that make life great. I now have fifty things on this list, all just little things that make me smile, so as I'm at a nice round number I thought I'd now share that list with you. So, aside from the obvious friends, family and home, here's what else makes me happy in life.

1. My cat sitting on my lap
2.Starting a brand new book
3. Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream
4. Seeing my nieces smile
5. Walking through Kenilworth
6. YouTube marathons
7. Lush bubble bath
8. Writing lists (like this one!)
9. Experimenting with eye makeup
10. A new Slimming World magazine
11. A good old Primark haul
12. Driving somewhere random on a sunny day
13. Flicking through music channels on tv
14. Having a naughty pizza treat
15. Making a special purchase that I've had to save for
16. Burning a foodie scented candle
17. Browsing ideas for Xmas presents
18. Morning cuddles
19. New bedsheets
20. Scones
21. Watching Coventry City win
22. Sitting in a beer garden
23. Watching a thunderstorm from indoors
24. Clicking publish on a blog post
25. Dinner at my Dad's house
26. Trying a new face mask
27. Scrolling through Instagram
28. Strictly Come Dancing season
29. Sipping a hot drink on a cold day
30. Taking a days annual leave with absolutely no plans
31. Swatching lipsticks
32. Slimming World chips
33. Pancakes
34. Looking at a room I've just tidied
35. Strawberries
36. Wrapping presents
37. Watching EastEnders (as depressing as it is!)
38. Meal planning
39. Doing something crafty
40. Looking through old photos
41. Comfy clothes
42. Seaside
43. Christmas lights
44. Singing in the car
45. Friday evenings
46. Watching DVDs in bed
47. The smell of coffee
48. Pretty home decor
49. Salted popcorn
50. Newly threaded eyebrows

As you can see, they are in no particular order, just as and when they come to me - and there's some pretty random things in there (quite a lot of food too)! I will continue to add to this all the time, and I look back at it quite a lot. I often find something on there to do to cheer myself up if I'm having a bad day too. I'd urge anyone to keep a list like this somewhere, just to reflect on, particularly if you're struggling to keep a positive mindset at the moment. I'd love to know what you'd put on your happy list.


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