Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette

Usually I'm a lover of neutral eyeshadows - I'm completely obsessed with my Naked palettes, but having seen pictures of this online it had really caught my attention. I wanted to swatch before buying, as this was a slightly riskier purchase for me with it being a more adventurous shade range than I'm used to, but my naughty husband went and bought it for me anyway! I literally squealed with delight when I saw thing on the sofa when I got home from work (then promptly told him off for spending so much money!). So here's what I think of the palette so far, baring in mind of only had the palette for a few days!

First off the packaging is absolutely beautiful. This is something I will treasure as a collectors item for years to come, for that reason alone, Anyone who knows me knows I'm a fan of butterflies, so this pleases me greatly. It does make the palette very bulky though, so not very travel friendly, but I'm not too bothered about that. it does come with a handy mirror in the lid, so it's really good for sitting and doing your makeup.

The eyeshadows are housed in a pull out compartment, which you do have to be careful doesn't slide out when you're carrying it! Inside are 20 beautiful eyeshadows, all of which I believe are new with this palette, and a very useful double ended brush.

There's an interesting range of shades in this palette, but most I'd think I can work with after having a little play around, There's only one colour that screams out to me that I wouldn't use (sorry Hatter!). Despite the intense bright colours, there's still a decent amount of neutral shades within the palette, so it's a lot more useable than I initially thought.

Row 1 - Looking Glass, Hatter, Lily, Heads Will Roll, Time
Row 2 - Reflection, Gone Mad, Duchess, Bandersnatch, Dream On
Row 3 - Dormouse, Paradox, Kingdom, Salazen Grum, Chronosphere
Row 4 - Metamorphosis, Cake, Chessboard, Royal Flush, Mirror
The majority of the shadows have the lovely buttery consistency and high pigmentation that we come to expect from Urban Decay. Some of the matte shades do take a bit of building but you still get a decent initial payoff. The only real disappointment for me was Dream On. This really does come with very little colour payoff at all - I really had to build it up a lot for my swatch photo. Other than that I'm quite impressed.

The entire third row is absolutely stunning, some really nice neutral shades, but not like those you'd normally find in your bog standard neutrals palette, plus the gorgeous Salazen Grum, a lovely rusty burgundy colour that I can see myself reaching for a lot come autumn. In fact, that entire row is very autumn appropriate! A few other standouts for me are Time - this is so intensely pigmented, I couldn't believe it when I swatched it, Lily - a shadow that looks cream in the pan but swatches to a beautiful pearlescent pink, and Reflection, which I think would make a great base shade.

Despite not buying this myself, I'm still sure I would've picked this palette up if I'd had the chance to swatch beforehand. Most of the shadows are very impressive, with only a couple of duds in there (saying that, if green shadow is your thing, then Hatter isn't of bad quality at all). I know this is selling out very fast, so if you want to get your hands on it, I'd do so very quickly. I'm really looking forward to having a proper experiment with mine soon!

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