Tuesday, 3 May 2016

My Top Five Barry M Nail Polishes

Barry M is my all time favourite brand for nail polish. It's not the sort of product I'd ever want to spend massive amounts of money on, and Barry M is at a really affordable price point but the quality is still not compromised. In fact, the quality is often greater than high end polishes worth three times the price! If you took a look inside my nail polish drawer, I'd imagine around three quarters of the collection was from Barry M, I rarely opt for any other brand. Today I thought I'd give you a run down of my five favourites from my collection.

l-r: Poppy, Acai Smoothie, Almond, Road Rage, Blueberry

Silk Nail Paint in Poppy This looks more like a true red in the photo, but it's actually more pinky toned in real life. As you can see above, most of my favourite shades are those more pastel, spring time colours, but Poppy is definitely one of my most loved during the autumn months. It's also got a hint of shimmer to it, which makes it a little festive too.

Gelly Hi Shine in Acai Smoothie This is one of the newest additions to my nail polish collection, as is a new released from Barry M with their Spring 2016 collection. Although I've not had it very long, I love the colour so much that I still had to include it in my top five. It's a beautiful dusky purple-pink shade, perfect for spring, and going into summer.

Gelly Hi Shine in Almond This is a polish I love to wear all year round, and is the perfect shade for when I'm wanting to wear a neutral nail. It's a grey toned brown shade, which looks nice and sophisticated on the nails. It's one of my favourites to apply, as it usually only takes one coat to get an opaque finish.

Speedy Quick Dry in Road Rage Mint green is such a perfect shade for spring, so I reach for Road Rage quite a lot at this time of year. The quick dry paints are really good if you're in a hurry because, as the name suggests, you don't have to wait around too long for your nails to dry. I do' however always make sure I wear a top coat with these, as they are slightly more prone to chipping.

Gelly Hi Shine in Blueberry Can you tell the Gelly Hi Shines are my favourite formula?! I think Blueberry is my favourite shade of them all, and I've some how manage to acquire three bottles of the stuff (I'm pretty sure one is my sisters)! It's a gorgeous, slightly vibrant blue, which reminds me of beautiful clear skies. I wear this one a lot during the summer, though it has already made its first appearance this year. I even wore it on my toes on my wedding day, to match the beautiful periwinkle blue bridesmaids dresses.


  1. I've always seen Barry M all over the Blogosphere! Wish I could get my hands on some things here in the US! These are all beautiful colors and I love that they all look like Summer colors! The Blueberry looks amazing!

    1. They are a really good brand, and so cheap. It's a shame you aren't able to get hold of it xx