Tuesday, 10 May 2016

CDs I'll Never Throw Out

I know we've turned into a society where digital music is the norm these days, but I personally still love a good CD. There's something about having a physical copy of my favourite albums that I like, and they're especially handy to have in the car when you're fed up of the radio. My own music tastes are pretty mixed, though I'd say the majority of what's in the charts I'd listen to. I recently had a huge clear out of my CD and DVD collection before I moved house in February, but there were some that I just could not get rid of. Here's five of my favourite from my remaining collection, that I honestly could not ever see myself throwing out.

(What's The Story) Morning Glory? - Oasis
I grew up listening to this album, thanks to my dad's influence. Firstly it was on cassette, then we finally made the move over to CDs, and when I moved out I had to get my own copy! I'm not exactly the biggest Oasis fan, I've never owned any of their other albums, but this one is brilliant. There's so many classics on there, such as Wonderwall & Don't Look Back In Anger, and I guess this CD holds a great deal of nostalgia for me.
Favourite Track - She's Electric A really great upbeat song that I love singing along to in the car!

Justified - Justin Timberlake
I remember spending so much time when I was a teenager sat up in my room listening to this album. I don't think you can beat Justin's earlier stuff, I have to say, the further his career progresses, the less I like the songs he brings out! There's some quite quirky tracks on this album, not the sort of stuff I'd normally listen to, but I really like them.
Favourite Track - Like I Love You It had to be his debut solo single, it's an absolute classic.

Songs About Jane - Maroon 5
As with Justified, I remember listening to this a lot when I was a teen. I feel like Maroon 5s style has changed quite a lot from when this album was released, but it's the style I like them at the best. It's far less pop-like than the stuff they come out with these days.
Favourite Track - Secret It's got a really long intro, so it does take a while to get started, but there's something quite haunting about it which I love.

The Script - The Script
I'll admit, I really didn't like The Script when they released their debut single We Cry, but now they are one of my favourite bands, who I've seen live several times (and I've even grown to love the song!). I know a lot of The Script fans would disagree with me, but their debut album is actually my favourite - though it is tough to choose between them. Now that I've grown to love We Cry, there's not a single track on here that I'd skip.
Favourite Track - I'm Yours This was mine & my husbands first dance song at our wedding, so it holds a special place in my heart!

X - Ed Sheeran 
I had this CD on in my car pretty much non stop for about a year when it was first released - that's how much I love this album!! Just like The Script, there's not a song on here that I don't like. I didn't really "get" Ed Sheeran until his first single from this album Sing was released, but I've loved this so much that I've also got + in my collection now too (though this still remains my favourite!).
Favourite Track - Sing This was so tough to choose from, it could've been one of several, but as this was the track that first got me into Ed Sheeran, it won. I love having a little dance around to this one too, haha!


  1. I haven't listened to the ed sheeran album in ages!! My favourite album I would never throw out would be the XX, it's such a classic xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. Can't say I've really listened to much of their stuff, I'll have to have a look sometime xx