Monday, 23 May 2016

Spring Clothing Haul

I know we are well onto our way to the summer months now, but with the unpredictable weather we've been having in the UK recently, I've only just begun to think about switching up my wardrobe for spring/summer. Being a dress size or two smaller than I was this time last year meant I was in need of a few new pieces in my wardrobe, which was the perfect excuse for a spot of shopping! Here's what I've picked up recently from New Look and H&M.

Trousers £24.99 H&M
These trousers must be intended to be cropped, as they come up normal length on me! They are very lightweight and breathable, perfect for this time of year, and have a drawstring at the waist. They are quite slouchy and casual, and would look great with an oversized tee.

Dress £10 H&M
I think I will use this more as a transitional piece whilst it's still a little chilly outside. Saying that, it is made of a really thin material, so it could be ok in warmer weather too. This dress also has a drawstring detail at the waist, so you can sinch it in as much as you want. I found this to be really flattering on my body shape. I think I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this at work, but I plan on debuting it when I go out for dinner on our wedding anniversary next week. The best bit about this dress? The tag said £24.99, but when I got to the till it came up as £10 - BARGAIN!

Tshirt £9.99 New Look
Normally I'd buy my basic plain tshirts from Primark, but I really liked the shape and colour of this one so I decided to pay that little bit extra. It's that really nice, oversized boyfriend style of tshirt that's so comfy to wear, and looks great with skinny jeans. They had quite a few different pretty pastel shades to choose from, and I opted for the dusky pink.

Cardigan £14.50 New Look
I'm not sure I needed any more cardigans, as I still have a few from last year that fit me, but I couldn't resist this one. It's one that will last me into summer with the shorter sleeves and crochet style laddering. This was another surprise bargain when I got to the till, as it was meant to be £19.99.

Floral peplum vest £9.99 New Look
I'd been eyeing up this top for a really long time, as it's absolutely stunning. I wasn't sure the peplum style would suit be though as, being so short, they tend to flare out on the wrong part of me. Luckily I found this in the petite section also, and that slightly smaller fit sits just right on me. I thought this was a really good price for New Look too.

Floral print trousers £19.99 New Look
I always see so many pretty patterned trousers around, but most look ridiculously long on me. When I spotted these with the label "crop length" on them, a grabbed them and dashed to the changing rooms. Sure enough, these come up roughly normal length on me, perhaps a bit more like ankle grazer style, so I can get away with wearing them, just not how they were intended! The floral design is so pretty and perfect for spring.

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