Thursday, 5 May 2016

Primark Haul Spring 2016

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I love a trip to Primark. Most of the items in my wardrobe get changed out at the end of each season and replaced with new ones, so I don't really want to be spending huge amounts of the majority of my clothing, and Primark has really stepped up its game in the last couple of years - I always manage to find some great pieces and best of all it's super cheap. As I haven't done a haul post in a while, I've managed to accumulate quite a bit of stuff. Here's what I've snapped up from Primark recently.

White blouse £10
Most of the items in this haul are pretty creased, which I apologise for - they were sat in the bag for quite a while waiting for me to photograph them! These shirt/blouses are all over Primark at the moment in so many different colours and patterns, and I've developed a bit of a thing for them. As well as the three you'll see in this haul, I've also got a few sitting in my wardrobe already. Safe to say I won't be needing any more anytime soon, but they are a staple for my spring wardrobe, as they will keep me just warm enough and they can also be dressed up or down.

Blue striped blouse £10
This I think is more of an example of one of the shirts I would wear more dressed down. This would look really nice tucked into a pair of blue jeans. It's a lot more sheer than I remember in being so, as with the shirt above, I'd have to wear a cami underneath.

Blue pattern blouse £10
Most of the items I've bought in this haul are much more softer, pastel shades, but this is a much vibrant piece with the bolder blue shades. The pattern is a little hard to describe, it's got a bit of a floral design within it, but I was instantly drawn to it when I saw it in store.

Floral sleeveless blouse £10
I absolutely adore this, it's very spring appropriate! It's a very longline blouse, so I think I would team this with either a pair of leggings, or some light grey jeggings. I know this has become a very popular item, and I did pick this up a while ago, but fingers crossed it's still around if you liked the look of it.

Stone trench coat £25
Finally I have a new trench coat!! I've been hanging on to an old one, which was a bit to big for me, as I don't like to be without one in the spring - they keep me warm on slightly chillier days without baking me like my winter coat would, but I just couldn't find one that I liked (or was in my size) anywhere! I really like this one - the material is super soft and the shape is really flattering on me, Time to get rid of the old one!

Oatmeal Boyfriend Tshirt £4
I've dug out a few pretty jackets to go back into my spring wardrobe, and was in desperate need of some basic tops to with with them. I really love the boyfriend style tshirts as they are super comfy and slouchy. I thought going for a colour like oatmeal would be something a bit different to the usual black and white.

Black bow pumps £6
I always buy my black pumps from Primark. I wear them pretty much every day for work, so as you can imagine they get worn down quite quickly, so I don't see the point in spending loads on a fancy pair. I buy a lot of pairs with bows attached to them, but these have to be my favourites so far. I love the floral detailing within the gold bow - so pretty!

Pyjama set £5
The final item I bought was a new pair of pyjamas. I have so many pairs of long sleeved, full leg pyjamas, I thought it was about time I bought a shorts & vest combo for spring/summer. I bought these a while back when we had a lovely sunny weekend in the UK, and since then it's been pretty miserable, so I've not had chance to wear them yet!

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