Sunday, 29 May 2016

Slimming World Sunday - Nacho Style Feast

I was really late on the bandwagon when it came to this recipe, but those of you that follow me on Instagram will know that I've become obsessed with this dish since I tried it a few months ago. It's so tasty, just like having a naughty Mexican dish, and is really fillling.

You can find the full recipe on the Slimming World website here. It's not the quickest of dishes to make, but it is definitely well worth the waiting time, and doesn't really quite much effort to make. The rest of the ingredients can be chopped, and the mince part of the dish prepared whilst the wedges are in the oven, which makes the wait for them to cook a little more bearable!

You might think the presentation of the dish in my picture above is a little odd - it's because my husband hates jalapenos, so I have to be careful to only put them on my side of the dish!

What we tend to do is double up on the ingredients for the mince part (mainly because it's so hard to find a 250g pack of 5% mince!) then we can freeze half of it for next time. That way, all we have to prepare the second time around is the wedges, and the rest we just heat in the microwave for four minutes before adding on top. To make sure I get my third speed in, I'll serve it with a big serving of salad.

If you love chilli then I think you're going to love this dish. My friend Alison has said that it tastes good using chicken instead of mince, so I'm keen to give this a go soon!


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    1. It's delicious, I end up making it almost every week now haha xx