Thursday, 26 May 2016

My Current Favourite Fragrances

When it comes to fragrances I don't think I have a particularly large collection. I know what I like and I tend to stick with the same brands (Marc Jacobs in particular!). They are often quite a pricey product to invest in, so I always want to know I've made a good choice before purchasing. Here are my current top three fragrances from my collection that I'm currently rotating between,

Marc Jacobs Daisy
Such a classic scent, I feel like 99% of beauty loves out there have got at least one scent from the Daisy range in their perfume stash. Me, I've got almost the entire collection, but the one I always reach back for time and time again is the good old original scent. It's such a freshly scented floral fragrance, and it actually feels quite uplifting. I'm on my third bottle of this at the moment, as well as having mini bottles and roll ons in my stash for back up, and when I'm on the go. This is my most worn general everyday scent, particularly this time of year.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
This will always be a special fragrance for me, as it's what I wore on my wedding day. It's a really nice feminine but sophisticated scent, which is quite fruity but with a hint of floral to it. I find the scent to last all day on me, but it's not overpowering at all. It's one of those scents that can be worn all year round and not be out of place too. As it's pretty pricey, I don't like to use it too often, but I'll reach for this on special occasions, or maybe the odd day when I fancy switching things up a bit.

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir
This scent is slightly heavier than the others in this post. I tend to use this one as more of an evening scent, or occasionally for everyday in the autumn/winter. It's very fruity, and has a sort of sultry sexiness to it, which makes it the perfect scent for a night out. I find a lot of Jo Malone fragrances, as lovely as they are, just don't suit me when I spritz them, but this one I absolutely adore and will repurchase over and over again. I'm also really tempted to pick up a candle in this scent too.

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