Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Day OOTD

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you're all having a great time with your loved ones. Please excuse the mess in the background, I was in a bit of a rush to get these pictures done this morning, but I thought I'd share with you my outfit from today.

We very much go for the casual, comfy clothes in my family for Christmas Day, as we mostly spend the day lounging around at my Gran's house, picking at food! My Christmas(ish) jumper is from Primark - I wanted to wear something a little festive, but nothing over the top, and I think this jumper was the perfect middle-ground.

Then, I just have on my trusty comfy Topshop Leigh Jeans. They're a little baggy around the waist at the moment, so plenty of room for Christmas dinner! On my feet I'm wearing a pair of New Look boots which I picked up last year and wore to death! I have of course taken some super cosy slippers to wear at my Gran's house, just for a bit of extra comfort, which you will see in my "What I Got For Christmas" post coming in a couple of days.

What did you wear on Christmas Day? What did you get up to?


  1. Merry Christmas! ♥
    Have a wonderful time! I wore a pink jumper with black jacket & jeans!

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  2. Merry Christmas, very lovely tree btw! Love the xmas jumper :)

    Lauren x


    1. Ah thank you hun, hope you had a lovely Christmas xx

  3. Love the jumper! I'm too lazy to get dressed I always stay in my pjs! Xxxx

    1. Haha that's a good plan, I'd probably do that if I didn't go out! Hope you had a lovely day xx