Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Masque Bar Pore Refining Creme Mask

One brand I've seen quite a lot of since it launched in UK stores recently is Korean made Masque Bar. They have a range of four different masks - a brightening sheet mask, anti-blemish mud mask, pore refining creme mask, and an anti-wrinkle sheet mask. After seeing them very strategically placed by the tills at my local Boots, I got sucked in and decided to give their Pore Refining Creme Mask a go.

Each box comes with three individual sachets inside, making these masks ideal for travel. Each sachet is meant for one application but, for the budget conscious amongst us, I think the creme masks in particular would be good for two applications - so long as the applications weren't so far apart that the product has dried out!

Although I suffer from dry skin, occasionally my T-zone can be a little troublesome, so I like to use a mask to target this problem every now and then. This mask contains Raspberry Extract, Lemon Fruit Extract and Vitamin E, and claims to minimize the appearance of pores, leave skin feeling balanced and looking more radiant. I can be a little weary of pore targeting masks though, as I do worry that they can be too drying and sap any moisture that my skin does have. When testing the Sanctuary Thermal Detox Mask earlier this year, I found that applying it to my whole face left my cheeks feeling really dry, so I stuck to just using it on my T-zone for future applications, and I thought I would end up using this mask in the same way too.

I was very pleasantly surprised, however, when after using this mask all over my face, my cheeks didn't feel tight or dry at all, in fact my face felt a little hydrated - that must have been the Vitamin E. My skin did look lovely and radiant and felt a lot smoother too.

Some people have considered these masks to be a little expensive. A box of three sachets will set you back £9.99 - so just over £3 per treatment. To me, however, this seems pretty reasonable as I really loved the results the mask gives and they are a lot more affordable than some other sachet masks I've tried. I'd definitely purchase these again, and I've also got my eye on their Brightening Sheet Masks to try next.

Have you tried any Masque Bar masks?


  1. I haven't tried anything by this brand before but this sounds like a lovely mask. xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

    1. It's really good, perfect for a pamper session xx

  2. this sounds great! I love a nice pamper evening with a face mask! x

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